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Empowering Educators, Elevating Education

Educonnect is on a mission to emulate the global success of the Finnish education model, while recognising the autonomy of local cultures and communities. 

About Us
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Educonnect Empowered Schools offer world-class education inspired by the Finnish education system where trust in the teaching profession facilitates the autonomy of teachers- this ensures that we always keep learning and well-being of children at the heart of our story.


Finland International School Maldives (FISM) is built on experiences and know-how from the Finnish education system in a way that respects the nuances of Maldivian culture. FISM cherishes the joy of learning experienced by its students and encourages teachers’ pedagogical collaboration among its teachers. FISM is also the first school in South Asia to offer the Finnish National Core Curriculum. The school is jointly managed by Educonnect Global and Educonnect Asia.

370+ Students (as of 2024)
Grades 1-9 (Grade 10 to open in 2024)
20+ Finnish Educators
20+ Maldivian Educators
1:10 Ratio of Educators Per Students
Located in Malé City



Established in August 2023, Finland International School in Malaysia is located in the upscale suburb of the capital city Kuala Lampur. The vision of this new school is to witness joy of learning supported by child-centered approach. The school will adopt the Finnish curriculum with cross-curricular themes and team-teaching methods. Already a fully functioning K-12 school offering British curriculum, Educonnect together with local school owners have successfully converted the school to a Finnish-inspired model teaching from Grades 1-3 in 2023 and then progress up to grade 9 in the following years. The school is set to transition to the Cambridge curriculum for grades 10 and 11

760+ Students
10+ Finnish Educators
40+ Malaysian Educators
Grades 1-11
1:10 Ratio of Educators Per Students
Located in Kuala Lampur

Our Principles

Through experience and research, we have learned that the best approach to creating a successful Finnish school abroad is for Finnish education experts to empower and entrust local counterparts, creating a balanced collaboration to nurture a Finnish International School that is both purposeful and meaningful for students.

Our approach towards shaping an Empowered School is based on Four key principles.

Our People

Based in Finland, Educonnect Global  works collaboratively with Educonnect Asia brings together a unique fusion of Finnish education experts and international school operators.

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Dr. Eija Valanne

Mr. Vili Kurkela

Mr. Adhly Rasheed

Senior Advisor, Educonnect Global

Director, Educonnect Global

Director, Educonnect Asia

Our Partners

We work collaboratively with leading Finnish institutions and companies that have made their mark on the global stage



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Oulu University Teacher Training School

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