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Unlock your school's potential with Finnish 

We help build transformative Finland International Schools. We build it with you, for your community.

We are here to help

Whether you’re an operator looking to elevate the performance of existing school systems or a potential pioneer with aspirations to build a world-class Finland school in your country, Educonnect is here to help with a myriad of services.

Our team merges several decades of professional experience in establishing international schools to craft a Finland International School that honors your culture, community and context in a meaningful way.


Starting up a Finnish school abroad from scratch requires leadership with a clear vision, a team to plan every detail to perfection and a campaign that tells the parent audience the story of a new learning journey for their children.


Having started a school from scratch and currently being in the process of opening new schools abroad, Educonnect offers the expertise of individuals who have been involved in setting up multiple greenfield schools, a framework for startups and a project management platform to collaborate with us.


Converting an existing school into a Finnish School presents a unique set of challenges that a startup may not face. We have experienced several outcomes from complex conversions - where schools have split into two, one deciding to convert to Finnish curricula while the other continued British curricula - and we have guided full conversion of these schools successfully.


If you are a school operator wishing to convert your school into a Finnish International School, we provide conversion through a tested three stage process involving conceptualization, onboarding and implementation that offers strategies on how to manage conversion challenges.


Teaching is a prized profession in Finland, making Finnish teachers one of the most highly paid teaching professionals in the world. Through experience, we understand that convincing Finnish teachers to depart their well respected jobs for an international post is not an easy undertaking. 

Over the years, Educonnect has developed a comprehensive database of Finnish teachers who have expressed interest to work abroad as well as developed our network to reach teachers in Finland to fulfill the recruitment needs of Finland International Schools abroad. 


Finding a balance between Finnish education and the unique environment of an International school requires versatility and a positive reworking of the system.


For our partner schools to flourish, we offer consultation services in relation to planning and enhancing professional development of teachers, remodeling school operations and advising school owners regarding management strategies to best achieve the joy of learning.

Educonnect Global is headquartered in Tampere, Finland; the country ranked first in the World Happiness Index and home to one of the most respected education systems around the globe (WEFFI 2019). 

Thanks to our international partnership with Educonnect Asia, we can channel expertise directly from the axis to partners across the region through our offices based in Asia.

Educonnect Global and Asia directly manages Finland International Schools as well as provide start up, conversion, recruitment and consultancy services to international school groups.

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Our People

Educonnect Global based in Finland works collaboratively with Educonnect Asia bringing together a unique fusion of of Finnish education experts and international school operators.

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Dr. Eija Valanne

Mr. Vili Kurkela

Mr. Adhly Rasheed

Senior Advisor, Educonnect Global

Director, Educonnect Global

Director, Educonnect Asia

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