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Exploring the
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Driven by a vision of progressive learning, the Futures Institute bridges the gap between today's educational practices and the evolving needs of tomorrow's classrooms.

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Founded by Educonnect Global, the Futures Institute is a non-profit initiative committed to exploring the landscape of the future of education in the countries where we operate.


Grounded in meticulous analysis and forward-thinking methodologies, we strive to be a hub of innovative insights that guide and shape the educational pathways of the school communities with which we partner.

In-depth Research

Conduct extensive research on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field of education, both at a local and global scale.

Research Highlight

Researchers - Dr.Eija Valanne and Tommi Eranpalo

Launching an International School following Finnish School Model: An ethnographic study of the start-up process of an international school from teacher's perspective

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Futures Forecasting

Employ forward-thinking methodologies to project the trajectory of educational trends and policy shifts in the countries we serve.

Futures Institute Podcast

Join Vili Kurkela, Director of Educonnect, as he engages policymakers, futurists, educators, and thought leaders in insightful discussions about the future of education in the regions we serve.

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Collaborative Partnerships

Forge meaningful partnerships with schools, policymakers, and other educational institutions to collaboratively develop strategic solutions.

Research Collaboration in Malaysia

EC empowered Finland School in Malaysia is a collaborative partner of a project undertaken by University of Helsinki in partnership with University of Eastern Finland, Universitas Djuanda, Universitas Sultan Idris to research inclusive education in co-teaching teams.

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Policy Recommendations

Provide actionable policy suggestions to government bodies, ensuring the alignment of educational practices with future demands.

Craftwork across all public schools in the Maldives

The Maldivian government observed the successful implementation of craftwork as a timetabled hands on learning activity at Finland International School in the Maldives and decided to implement craftwork in all public schools across the country, supported by World Bank funding.

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Innovative Solutions

Act as a hub for developing and piloting innovative educational models, tools, and technologies.

Maldives Blue Economy

Educonnect crafted a distinctive model for Finland International School Maldives, allowing students to transition smoothly from nine years of the Finnish National Core Curriculum to IGCSE examinations in Grade 10. By introducing the Blue Economy as an overarching theme, the model not only integrates IGCSE subjects but also ensures they aren't treated as isolated units of knowledge, preserving the joy of learning.

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